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Message from heart`

Sunday, July 29, 2007

i realise i can't tag so decided to post...

yea in e middle of e nite...hahaha! (:

i was doing my portfolio

then came to the part on CCA

then i realised...

wah i really miss jingju alot...

especially the times of tianyun and qingchun

so i shall post some photos to entertain u with!


if i dont sey this now, sooner or later i will die of depression(:

good night(:

at 10:44 AM

Friday, July 06, 2007
geraldine here... though xieren liao, but my heart will always be with jingju...
HAHA! tts y im here! lol(:
I miss jingju...! hahahahahaX)

1 go!
什麼都愿意 yea
就是不能失去京剧…… o0o0


lol forgot e rest. update another tym...
gtg bb!! :)
best wishes to the new comm!
jiangrui,jingwen & yuchao
must jiayou!

at 6:51 PM

Friday, April 27, 2007
hi all!!!
omg i realised its already week7 ,and, tianyun n qingchun is in week9!!!!
how time flies~
week8-level camp
woah.. ..ONLY 2 more weeks left..
no matter e biaoyan peeps,
huazhuang/fuzhuang/daoju peeps,
or daji peeps,
every1 has been working hard,
practising hard, im sure our efforts will not go to waste..
linlaoshi used to say, "就算辛苦,也就只是这两个星期!"
yes! so we must cherise every practice we have now,
to make full use of all our time we have together(:

at 2:28 AM

Thursday, April 19, 2007

long time no post le.. ..hehe.. ..
so now we're back with a surprise for u!!
some of u should know.. hmm..
pai1 ju4 zhao4!!!
mainly for main characters..
so far, jinjing, chaoran, mabiao n shubo have taken their photos n its GREAT!!!
wahahaha!! NICE.


pose #1--they met...

pose#2--e future...

pose #3-- e great ending!! :D

at 4:22 AM

Friday, March 16, 2007
phew... interview'07
overall, we were quite please with the responses etc..
good job sec3s!:)
sorry for all that was quite inevitable,in a sense, had to squeeze the whole sec3 cohort in just merely 2 shorts days..
soooo....just wanna say thx!!! to all that had made this successful n smooth..

tts all for now...ta-ta~

ps. omg qingchun in just....!!!62 days!!

at 5:58 AM

finally blogged in the march holis!!! :D
though its already the end of the week,but nevertheless, we can stiu enjoy e last few remaining days!!

1. no huodong tmr for daji!!
2. extra qiantai tmr for mabiao,chaoran,ruyi,jinjing,xuyan...

dazu was last how was it!!??
i tink it was not bad rite..(:
anw,hope all of u had enjoyed the activities planned for u!

jingju rock on~

at 4:29 AM

Sunday, January 28, 2007
Should any SEC ONES see this...
REMEMBER there is NO huo2dong4/ CCA for u all

now is week FIVE...
anw u all should know la..we called u all rite..
just in case u all blur blur then stay back..then realise got no CCA!!!
hahahaha just kidding!
anw yes so thats e main point..dont let that happen!!

we will call u in week six to remind u...
now still can rest...:)

at 1:36 AM

Sunday, January 21, 2007
Jingju has NEW MEMBERS!!! whee!!
so let me introduce them to u right now!!

n here they come!

Ma Yingxin!!
Annabel Chua!!
Kok Jia Ling!!
Pearl Goh!!
n last but not least...
Emily Tan!!

WHoo~!!!! new Sec ones!!
Hope they will love jingju, just like us! :D:D
-phew! end of posts marathon...(:

at 7:56 AM

do u all noe who our new jingju teacher in-charge is??
HAHAHA...i shall announce this long awaited news right now!
!!LIU LAOSHI!! whoo~!!
*applause applause*

...Who is she? Liu2 su2 zhi1 LAOSHI
...What subject she teaches? Chinese(?)
...Where to find her? Staff room TWO(3rd floor)
...Personality? Friendly,kind&caring to students :D
...How she looks like? Come for jingju n u'll noe:D:D (hint long hair.haha..)

New teacher in a new year!! May everything go well n smoothly for jingju!! whee!!

at 6:59 AM

Muhahaha so many things to blog about..
This post is dedicated to Ms Koh.
If u all had went wenyiying on e 2nd day, most probably u had already know about Ms Koh leaving DHS, so CS, and thus jingju..*sobsob*

For jingju students, u all should have already known Ms Koh as one superb teacher who takes jingju very seriously, always trying her best to make huodongs convenient and enjoyable for us. Constantly reminding us about how we should behave,at the same time caring about each n every1 of u. She makes it a point to learn more about everyone in jingju, always trying to adapt to e constant changes in jingju. Now, Ms Koh has left us n we hereby wish her good luck in her future endeavours! we will miss u!! *sobsob*...

Ms Koh~~!!
e greatest,best,ultra,duper, wonderful tcher ever...

at 6:52 AM

Last mon's orientation was a hit!!
For e introduction to sec 1 classes and new PRCs, it was quite ok..everything was smooth.but it OVER RUN! So couldn’t help e others clear up e gym…Thx a lot to all and all of u!!!:D...
Most importantly, just wanna say thx limo,mabiao,huikee alot alot!! for helping to get things in place and making sure everything's right,etc...hehe…:D oh n thx mingwei too! for being our dao4ju4 manager..haha!!
whee!! No matter how much it is u have contributed to e orientation/cs, by planning, cheering, giving moral support, participating,etc , thanks a lot!!! We truly appreciate it…Everything would not have been as well as it should have been if not for all of everyone's effort...
Concert: Xiangyu,Limo,Milan,Xuyan,Yuchao
Orientation: Huikee,Mabiao,Limo…n all e others participating!(sorry really too many to list! We noe u al hv worked hard for it! Zhen1 de…Gan3 xie4 ni3 men!)
Also those who cheered 4 cs, /n stood by supporting…((=
More posts to come…Muahahhaahahahaa...

at 6:50 AM